About project

The project  “Building evidence-based advocacy for the rule of law and good governance in EaP countries” is being implemented by PRWB in                  cooperation with the Visegrad International Fund.

The project’s goal is to share V4’s established experience in the area of rule of law, especially Citizen Court Monitoring from Poland , and other good governance programs from EU/OECD region, including the CONCORD model for evidence based advocacy with EaP countries. It contributes to the efforts to support democratic transformation and integration through cooperation with stakeholders, development of their capacities, enhancement of understanding on proposed issues and regional cooperation. The CSOs in EaP have limped to impose principles of the rule of law and good governance because of weak capacities for meaningful research, inadequate ability for evidence based advocacy. Meantime, they possess less voice to engage in reform process with their governments, to cooperate at EaP and V4 levels. This project aims at empowering local CSOs with the ability to conduct effective evidence based advocacy and to develop a regional model of cooperation for advocacy in the area of rule of law and good governance. Objectives: 1.Local capacity building and regional knowledge exchange;

  • To select 40 CSOs from the RA, the RG for capacity building training, fieldwork related activities,
  • to develop the guidelines on citizens court monitoring (CCM) and on the diagnosis of good governance (DGG) to be used in the RA, in the RG,
  • to produce a guidebook on the practice of CONCORD to be used in the EaP region,
  • to organize two training sessions,
  • to conduct one day workshop to learn about the CONCORD network experience on advocacy for development,
  • to organize two-day conference to share the outcomes of the project.

Objectives: 2 Institute a comprehensive monitoring and diagnosis framework for the rule of law and good governance.

  • To apply the CCM and DGG by 10 local CSOs,
  • to develop reports on CCM and DGG results with facilitation of experts from the partner organizations. Mass mobilization, coalition building 3.Deliberate efforts will be made to mobilize various stakeholders by the awareness raising activities aiming to bring their voices for the reforms and progress. The regional NGO network in the EaP countries will be created relying on the CONCORD experience.
  • Media campaign and engagement of policy makers Collaborative advocacy.